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i got a very weird call from the wife of a friend of mine i go to school with. apparently she found some messages on his phone that she felt were inappropriate and wanted to know what was going on. and tell me to stop sending him these inappropriate messages. i assured her nothing was going on, that i completely respected their family, and was in a committed relationship of my own. this didn't help actually and she angrily asked, if i was so committed, why i would be calling her husband sexy. to be honest, i don't remember the message but i call all of my friends sexy. she then warned me that i better respect her family or she would be going to jail because she would kill me. i know nothing is going on and i did my best to assure her that nothing was going on and that i would indeed stop sending him text messages that upset her. all i could think was he is going to be embarrassed (i know i would be mortified!) and that i am so glad i am nothing like that. i would never even think to call some girl my man was getting messages from. i would just talk to him.

he has told me before i can't study at his house because his wife would get jealous after meeting me. now i think that's an especially good idea.
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