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summer school woes

summer school's not looking good. they aren't offering many classes i need and the ones they are offering all seem to overlap. it just looks bad. and check this, the only foreign language class i would be able to somehow fit in would be armenian. which would be hilarious for many reasons but it says something about counting for cultural blah blah. if that covers my multi-cultural credit, then i'm taking it. it will double count and i don't have to take that asian culture class that my counselor is shoving down my throat. but seriously, i wanted to take 12 units of summer school but now i'll be lucky if i get 6.

if i stick with my bio minor, i have 35 units left. if i dump it, i've got 28. it's hard because i love bio and know it would help with getting into grad school. however, 6 units over the summer drops me to 22 which is quite doable next year. not that 28 isn't, i just don't want to be over loaded my last year. especially with grad school applications and the like. but they offer more bio classes than psych classes, at least the ones i need, so i could take 2 bio classes and that armenian class which is 9 units. but with the bio minor, that's leaves me with 26. more than i would like. it just seems easier to drop the minor.

i don't know. i guess i just expected more classes to be offered. or at the very least that they all wouldn't be at the exact same time or in overlapping sessions. it really is a ginormous pain in the ass. and i have a midterm tomorrow that i was actually really studying for before aqua teen and me discovering that they posted the summer schedule. that's dominated my brain since 12:30am. as you can see, that was almost 3 hours ago. i'll just ditch theories. it's only one class and it will give me more than 3 hours to finish up my studying. god i hope this whole summer school thing works out.
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