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papers can blow me

i was so stressed out by the paper i finished last night, that i am just not even taking seriously the paper i have due tomorrow. and the truth is that it probably won't take me very long, 2-3 hours tops but i am just so done with writing a paper. but i'll have to get over that because this paper is due tomorrow. but seriously, i am being such a lazy ass baby. luckily i don't have my first class tomorrow and if i want to really suck, i can just ditch my second class. which gives me until 7pm tomorrow night to do the paper. although i am more of a night crammer so i'd rather get it over with tonight. but hey, i suppose i can get the bulk of it done tonight, get to bed by 2, wake up at noon (the latest) and polish it up. sounds like a plan to me. but not yet. i'm watching medium.
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